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When you are going through the angst and stress of separation or considering a separation you need to take some comfort in having the right family lawyer on your side. We can help you whether you are married, defacto, a same sex couple, have children or not, and even whether you are separated or just looking for some advice on whether to separate or not.


When should you get a family lawyer?

You should make your first contact with your family lawyer when you have decided that separation is likely or when you think that your partner might be thinking about leaving. The reason it is important to speak to your lawyer at that early stage is to ensure that you put yourself in the safest legal position and get some help thinking about how you might resolve pressing issues like:

  • Where will the children reside.
  • Who will remain in the house.
  • Who will pay existing and ongoing debts (for instance credit cards).
  • What furniture will stay and what furniture will go.

What about pre nuptial agreements of binding financial agreements? 

We can help you prepare agreements that deal with what happens in the future if you ever separate – even if you have no intention of separating at the time you make the agreement. These sorts of agreements are particularly important in the case of second marriages or relationships where the parties each have their own children from a prior relationship. Pre nuptial agreements and binding financial agreements require independent lawyer certification. We can assist you too with independent legal advice and certification of pre nuptial agreements and binding financial agreements prepared by your partner’s lawyer.

Property Settlements and Consent Orders 

Our aim is always to resolve disputes in the most efficient way, both in terms of your money and your stress and time. That means if we can assist you to reach an amicable resolution of your family law dispute we will. If you need us to fight hard for you we can do that too. Often our clients come to us with a verbal agreement that they have reached between themselves and ask whether that is enough to achieve a property settlement. We don’t think it is, but it is a good start. All parties to a separation need fully informed legal advice as to their rights and entitlements and they should have their position protected by orders from the Court. Consent Orders do not need to be stressful. There is no need for you to appear in Court to obtain them. We will sort everything out for you. One of the other benefits of consent orders is that they are never in the public domain.


Divorce is often thought of as the difficult and stressful part of the process. But it isn’t. You can do it yourself or if you like we can do it for you for a fixed fee. Divorce does start the clock running on some crucial time limits though.

How Long do I have to sort out my property settlement? 

After you are divorced you have only 12 months in which to make your application for property settlement if you were married or two years if you were de facto.