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As with everything we do, it costs nothing for you to make your initial contact with us. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we can help you with your lease matter and any dispute in relation to it or the preparation of or renewal of your lease.


Our experience

We act for landlords and tenants in relation to commercial leases. We think that gives us a good all round appreciation of each parties personal perspective. That knowledge and experience translates to good, practical, cost effective advice that helps us get our clients (whether they are a landlord or a tenant) get back to doing what they ought be doing.

Sometimes our clients think they don’t need a lease or that an informal arrangement between the tenant and the landlord will ‘do the job’. It doesn’t. The consequences of not complying with the Retail and Commercial Leases Act can be quite significant. It is undoubtedly cheaper in the long run to use a lawyer up front to ensure the relationship between landlord and tenant is properly established than it is to face the consequences on non compliance with the Law. It costs nothing to give us a call to discuss your situation.

Our services for Landlords:

  • Draft a new Lease.
  • Review an existing Lease.
  • Renew or Extend an Existing Lease.
  • Enforce breaches of lease and recovery of rent.
  • Distress for Rent/ Distraint – When the Landlord takes control of the tenant’s property on the premises.
  • Re- Entry – When the Landlord takes back the rental premises.
  • Termination of Lease.
  • Negotiation of new leases.

Our services for Tenants

  • Draft a new Lease.
  • Review an existing Lease.
  • Renew or Extend an Existing Lease.
  • Challenge your landlord in the event of non compliance with their obligations for instance maintenance or repair.
  • Advise you of your rights in relation to the Lease and in relation to the conduct of your Landlord.
  • Ensure that you are being correctly dealt with and in accordance with the Lease.
  • Negotiation of new leases.