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Stevens Law is a private South Australian law firm who practise in family law matters and criminal law matters. Stevens Law are able to provide legal representation to those clients who are eligible for grant of Aid from the Legal Services Commission.

Contact Stevens Law on 8470 0313 to arrange a free appointment time to discuss your matter with us.

Legal Aid Appointment

At your appointment we will discuss your circumstances and current financial situation together with assisting you to complete your Legal Aid Application. We do ask, however, that children should not be present or included in any family law appointments at our offices and we ask that you arrange for an adult to be present with you at your appointment to take care of the child or arrange alternative care for the child whilst you attend your appointment.

If you are unable to attend our offices for a free initial appointment, we also offer a telephone appointment and can arrange for a Legal Aid Application to be emailed to your chosen email address.

You can enter our firm name and solicitor’s name at question 46 on the Legal Aid Application Form if you would like us to act for you in your matter. If you complete as much detail as possible before coming into the office we can help you to complete the form and finalise the interview quickly.

Applying for Legal Aid

You need to provide sufficient documentation to show that you have insufficient income by providing:

  • your last two months of bank statements for all accounts held in your name or in a joint account
  • your current Centrelink Income Statement
  • If you are currently working, we will require your last four weeks’ pay slips, last tax return and any business related documentation showing your recent income.

We may require further financial information if there is a person who may be able to pay for your legal fees such as a spouse, de facto, company, trust, partnership or any other ‘financially associated’ person.

Your Legal Aid application will be assessed on this information and you will also be asked to make a financial contribution towards your Legal Aid funding which may be as little as $50.00 for criminal matters and $70.00 for family law matters.

Arrange Appointment Time

Contact Stevens Law on 8470 0313 to arrange a free initial appointment to discuss applying for Legal Aid. During that interview we will further explain the process of applying for legal aid, what sort of legal aid might be approved and where we go from there. We always provide a full explanation of the court processes and a realistic assessment of what you can expect to achieve.

If you are not eligible for a grant of Aid from the Commission for your matter, Stevens Law can also represent you as a private client. We can provide you with a quote of our fees, which may include payment plan and deferred payment options. Please contact Stevens Law today to arrange a free initial appointment to discuss your matter.

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